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Successfully Integrate New Service Lines into the Health System

Health Systems are continually adding new services to their business portfolios through mergers, acquisitions, shared services, JV’s, or de novo. This business strategy is most effective when both the business plan and the integration plan occur concurrently.

DCCS Management Service can successfully integrate new services lines into a health system.
DCCS Management Services

To ensure success, a system-wide integration plan is crucial.

Unfortunately, many systems:

  • underestimate the importance of an integration plan

  • lack the expertise to develop an integration plan

  • lack the bandwidth to implement the integrations

DCCS Provides a 10-Step Best-Practice Integration Plan. Key Action Steps:

  • Improve financial and quality results

  • Remove leadership role ambiguity

  • Improve workplace culture and performance

  • Maximize strategic goals and opportunities

"In today's merger and acquisition environment, it is essential to have an integration plan that takes into consideration your people, processes, and technology."

Jim Angle, DCCS Partner

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