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Debbie Linnes

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Debbie Linnes, BSN, MHA,
Sr. Partner & COO

 Pioneering Healthcare


Transformation for Over a Decade

Debra "Debbie" Linnes embodies the essence of transformative healthcare leadership, leveraging her extensive experience to drive organizational excellence and clinical innovation.  With a distinguished career spanning executive roles working within health systems in the positions of CEO, COO, and CNO, Debbie brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, operational improvement, and physician engagement to every engagement she undertakes.  As a seasoned executive and consultant, she has spearheaded initiatives revitalizing underperforming organizations, elevated clinical quality, and fostered cultures of excellence and innovation.

Strategic Vision and Planning
Debbie's strategic acumen is unparalleled, guiding health systems through complex transformations with clarity and purpose. She excels in developing visionary strategic plans that align organizational goals with market dynamics, positioning clients for sustainable growth and success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Operational Excellence and Improvement
Debbie's relentless pursuit of operational excellence has yielded tangible results for health systems nationwide. Through meticulous analysis and innovative solutions, she has implemented operational improvement initiatives that optimize efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance patient care delivery across the continuum.

Leadership Development, Culture Transformation, and Transitional Leaders
Debbie is passionate about developing high-performing leadership teams and fostering workplace cultures that inspire excellence and innovation. Through DCCS Interim Management and Search Services,  Debbie works tirelessly to provide leaders who elevate and lift hospital culture as well as advance an organization's mission and strategy.

Clinical Quality and Patient Safety
Debbie's unwavering commitment to clinical quality and patient safety is evident in her track record of implementing initiatives that elevate standards of care and improve patient outcomes. From implementing evidence-based practices to enhancing care coordination, she prioritizes excellence at every level of the healthcare delivery system.

Continued Commitment to Healthcare Excellence
As a Senior Partner at DCCS Consulting for over a decade, Debbie remains dedicated to driving healthcare excellence and innovation. With a steadfast focus on delivering measurable results and exceeding client expectations, she continues to pioneer transformative change that shapes the future of healthcare delivery.


Debbie Linnes' legacy as a transformative healthcare leader is defined by her unwavering commitment to driving organizational excellence, fostering collaboration, and improving patient outcomes. Through her visionary leadership and strategic guidance, she inspires positive change and empowers health systems to thrive in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

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