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Optimize Matrix Clinical Service Lines

DCCS Fixes Broken Matrixed Service Lines
DCCS Fixes Broken Matrixed Service Lines in Healthcare

Poor organizational design and structure, especially within a matrix environment, causes confusion within roles, and a lack of coordination among functions (administratively, medically, and geographically).

The result is an unwillingness to share ideas, and ultimately a failure to promote optimal teamwork and rapid decision-making.

DCCS Advisory Services Provides:

  • Operational Assessments of designs & reporting structures; to include expansion of strategic, clinical, and support services.

  • Optimal Alignment Strategies for clear lines of reporting & accountability.

  • Cultural Engagement Programs and implementation plans.

  • Ongoing Feedback Loop for continued rapid cycle improvement.

Jim Angle, DCCS Consulting Partner

"DCCS identifies ineffective organizational designs from the top-down and has the tools, resources, and expertise to make meaningful improvements." Jim Angle, Partner

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