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Management    Improvement Group

SMI Group can successfully assist you in every phase of the surgery process. Our team of highly experienced Peri-operative consultants deliver marketable, cost-efficient programs with the latest technology and techniques.

Clinical Management Solutions From SMI Group

Optimize Surgery Supplies

Whatever challenges your healthcare system is facing together, we can fix it. 

By integrating processes between the Surgery and Supply Chain Departments, DCCS helps create a reliable supply chain with the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Sue Smith, DCCS Partner, Surgery Management Improvement Group
Sue Smith, Partner
Surgery Management
Improvement Group
(248) 613-0133
John Gialanella, DCCS Partner, Surgery Management Imrpovement Group
John Gialanella, Partner
Surgery Management
Improvement Group
(734) 476-6273

DCCS Surgery Management

Improvement Group

  • Surgical Business Assessment

  • Surgical Program Benchmarking

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center & Program Development

  • Anesthesiology Program Consulting

  • Hospital Management Solutions

  • Hospital Case Management Solutions

  • Clinical Management Solutions

  • Hospital & Surgical Information Systems

  • Interim Operating Room Management

  • Materials Management in the Operating Room

  • Operating Room Design Assistance

  • Improved Operating Room Efficiency

  • Succession Planning for the Operating Room

  • Sterile Processing Department Development & Implementation

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