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Interim & Permanent

Healthcare Leadership 

DCCS Interim Management & Permanent Search has built a reputation of consistently providing seasoned healthcare leaders (Directors through C-Suite Executives), who produce measurable results and a return on investment. 

Whether you need a temporary executive solution or to fill a permanent position, our mission is to provide best-fit leadership for your organization. 

Debbie Linnes, Partner
(814) 777-6179

DCCS National Network of Consultants

With our extensive network of healthcare directors, executives, specialists, and consultants, 

DCCS is certain to have the right person at the right time for your organization.  

Interim & Transitional Leadership

A Transitional Leader is an external interim who is experienced in effectively managing leadership shifts.  A DCCS Transitional Healthcare Leader provides significant advantages: 

  • Immediate expertise to stabilize operations

  • Completes an independent assessment

  • Mentors and develops staff

  • Stabilizes and ensures operational continuity

  • Positively positions an incoming permanent leader


DCCS has experienced Transitional Director-Executive Level Leaders that are ready to help your organization effectively manage leadership changes. 

Permanent Placement

An executive search is an opportunity to advance an organization's mission and strategy.


Finding the right candidate to lead your organization can be a complicated and time-consuming process. That's why many organizations have turned to the expertise of DCCS when looking to fill important positions.


With over 30 years of executive recruitment experience and access to an extensive national network of talented leaders and consultants, DCCS presents candidates who best fit the current culture, executive team, and board of an organization. 

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