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Radiology Advisory Services

A full-service Radiology Advisory Team dedicated to best-in-class Radiology Service Line Performance.

High-Quality Imaging, Expert Insights –
Elevate Your Radiology Performance with DCCS


Our dedicated Radiology Leaders deliver strategic tools, best practice technologies and innovative solutions to our clients.

Winning Partnerships

We guide our clients through common industry pitfalls and help to capitalize on high-margin opportunities.


We provide subject matter experts in setup, staffing, patient flow, productivity, cost-efficiency, regulatory compliance, interim leadership and more.


Our Radiology Executives bring realistic solutions to clients ensuring long-term success and stability.

Improve Clinical and Financial Performance through 
DCCS Radiology Advisory Services:

Radiology Practice Management

  • Improve practice EBIDTA by enhancing revenue growth and performance

  • Hospital contracting & hospital support negotiation

  • Joint ventures with hospital or other healthcare partners (Imaging Centers, OBLs, IR facilities)

  • Imaging center business plans, strategies, and implementation

  • Staffing analysis, productivity analysis/ benchmarking/action plans

  • Improve quality and performance

    • Recruitment strategies

    • Work-flow improvement plans

    • Enterprise PACS/RIS strategy and planning

  • Recruitment Services

    • Practice leadership and recruitment
    • Interim leadership

Radiology Hospital Service Line

  • Improve operating margin through revenue growth, Radiologist staffing stability, and outpatient imaging

  • Contracting with a Radiology practice or Radiologists

  • Development and implementation of an employed Radiologist practice

  • Acquisition of a Radiologist practice

  • Outpatient imaging strategy, plan and implementation

    • Offsite imaging centers

    • Hospital campus imaging centers

    • Joint ventures (Imaging centers, OBLs, IR facilities)

    • Profit/Loss analysis and improvement action plans

  • Improve quality and performance

    • Process and work-flow improvement

    • Optimize clinical protocols

    • Improve turnaround times

    • Enterprise PACS/RIS strategy and planning

  • Recruitment Services

    • Leadership recruitment
    • Interim leadership

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DCCS Radiology Advisory Services  

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