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Strategic Laboratory Instrumentation Acquisition

Purchasing a laboratory instrument is a decision that will span 7-10 years.

A DCCS Laboratory Advisory Services Consultation during instrumentation acquisition can save significant dollars over the lifespan of the laboratory platform.

A DCCS Laboratory consultation can provide:

  • Test menu evaluation to determine which tests should be performed in-house and which should be referred to a reference laboratory to optimize turnaround time and cost-effectiveness.

  • Vendor selection with the size instrument most suited for your laboratory test volume, test menu, instrument management capabilities, and physician needs.

  • Recommendations for instrument capital purchase, lease, or reagent rental to optimize cash flow and DCCS can help negotiate the contract to never overpay for instruments, reagents, or supplies.

  • Backup instrument evaluation and what is needed to maintain quality laboratory services with minimal interruptions of service.

  • Leadership for the implementation of a new instrument that is required to maintain quality, accreditation, and regulatory compliance when a new instrument is brought into the laboratory.

The selection of diagnostic equipment can have a material impact on lab staffing, supply expenses, capital and operating budgets, and those clinical services supported by the laboratory.

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