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Experienced Laboratory Executive Available | William R. Lee

Experienced and proven, forward-looking Laboratory Executive for Moderate and High Complexity Laboratories. Technical expertise in all areas of laboratory.

Experience in Community Hospital and Reference Laboratories. Experienced Technical Consultant and CLIA Laboratory Director.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Inspection Preparation and Remediation

  • Test Menu optimization, new procedure implementation and instrumentation acquisition within budget constraints

  • Team Development and culture change

  • Turnaround time and workflow improvement

  • Physician satisfaction improvement

  • Compliance and quality

  • Employee engagement and satisfaction improvement

Key Advantages

  • Qualified Experienced CLIA Director

  • Qualified Experienced Technical Consultant

  • Implemented test expansion while cutting budget by 44%

  • Expert in Compliance

  • Research Experience in Academic Laboratory

  • Published Research Experience

  • Implemented workflow changes and Laboratory Information System improvements to reduce Turn Around Time by 50% in 6 months without additional staff or expense

For more information about Available DCCS Laboratory Leaders, Contact DCCS.


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