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Clinical Laboratory Director, Paul Spivey, MT (ASCP), DCCS Transitional Leadership

Laboratory Leader Executive Summary

Paul Spivey Clinical Laboratory Director
Paul Spivey

Seasoned laboratory leader experienced within hospital laboratories, system laboratories, and laboratory cooperatives. Track record of success in staff development, cost containment, client relations, and business expansion.

Available for interim long term and short term laboratory directorship coverage; operational review and improvement for clinical laboratories; strategic assessment and restructuring planning; optimizing services; and developing laboratory leadership.

Key Laboratory Advantages

  • Consolidated analytical departments from multiple hospitals into a single service to provide a large test menu and achieve economies of scale

  • Supported Consolidated Pathology Support Services to ensure high levels of responsiveness in the areas of cytology, histology, and transcription

  • Led system-level laboratory value analysis teams in the standardization of instrumentation, vendors and supply chain.

  • Developed internal career ladder education processes to address the shortage of laboratory staff

  • Developed laboratory leaders in the essential behavioral and clinical skills necessary for effective processes

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