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Alternative Staffing: DCCS Fills 17 Open Lab Positions

In a recent engagement, our client needed to fill 17 open laboratory positions that were either being covered by expensive travelers or excessive staff overtime.

Working collaboratively with the client’s Human Resources executives we were able to develop and execute staffing fully credentialed, English-speaking Medical Laboratory Scientists from the Philippines. The organizational impact was significant.

Client Savings $2.5 Million

DCCS Lab Staffing Solutions:

  • Average traveler expense, primarily MLTs, $110.00 an hour.

  • This client’s average pay for an MLS was $39 hourly including benefits.

  • Additional expenses associated with the Philippine techs

    • 30 days housing, paying for transportation, immigration attorney fees, and an agency fee.

  • The Philippine MLS staff come with a H1-B visa and typically a three-year commitment, afterwards the employer and employee may pursue a green card (permanent residence card).

  • Estimated an annual lower expense: $150,000 per position prior to first-year expenses.

Whatever challenges your health system is facing:

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