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Ready to Shift Joints to Outpatient Settings?

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group ensures your hospital's success with outpatient joint replacements.

DCCS Can Help You Shift by:

  • Strengthening physician engagement in program strategy

  • Assessing local market conditions & planning services accordingly

  • Properly selecting patients to ensure safe procedure outcomes

  • Preparing patients & family for same-day discharging

  • Optimizing patient throughput and operating room use

  • Ensuring SPD capacity can accommodate an influx of instrumentation

  • Managing implants & supplies to ensure product availability

Physician-owned ACSs already accommodate your better-reimbursed cases. Is your surgery program ready to compete in the lucrative joint replacement market?

Contact DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group


Whatever Challenges Your Health System is Facing:

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Together, We Can Fix it.


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