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A Looming Liability: Are Surgical Implants and Loaner Trays Overrunning Staff and Storage?

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group

Will Get You Back in Control

Sue Smith, DCCS SMIG Partner explains, "During a recent health system engagement we found:

  • Out of control vendor access

  • Hundreds of Loaner trays taking up space

  • Excess inventory of implants with insufficient records

  • Potential million dollar liability

DCCS designed a discipline around managing these vital resources to reduce cost and eliminate a major liability."

We support your team by:

  • Establishing parameters for product needs and storage

  • Defining efficient flow of instrument sets and implants

  • Reviewing instrument tray content

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities

  • Building collaborative relationships with stakeholders

To learn more about DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Services Contact US.


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