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DCCS Transitional Leadership Executives Merlyn Knapp, Experienced CEO/CFO

Available for Assignment | Interim or Permanent Strategic and forward-thinking professional with more than 30 years experience in financial and operational turnaround for financially distressed hospitals. Experience across public, private, and non-profit systems.

Expert in developing revenue cycle management systems, implementing strong cash flow practices, capital budgets and financial plans. Successful M&A projects including due diligence for sale of community hospitals.

Key Accomplishments

  • Generating cash flow and reversing multi-million dollar losses, saving more than $10M by implementing inventory controls and renewing a lapsed hospital license avoiding at least $12M in potential government and insurance penalties.

  • Negotiated funding for over $100M in projects for renovation, new building, and hi-tech equipment leases.

  • Directed budget reduction project for a 62-bed community hospital generating more than $4M annual bottom line improvement.

  • Generated $3.2M net profit by implementing expansion of Cardiology program and assisted CEO in recruiting fourteen Cardiology and Orthopedic surgeons.

  • Generated $500K cash flow by negotiating acquisition of a Family Practice clinic.

  • Turned around $4.7M in monthly operating losses by implementing revised departmental budgets and revised strategic plan.

  • Reversed $8.0M loss to positive Net Income of $578K by increasing patient volume in the hospital and clinic services and reducing overtime and staffing agency costs.

  • Generated $800K revenue by creating and implementing a new hospital-based Geriatric Psychiatric outpatient program.

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