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Today’s Health System Financial Turnaround Has a New Playbook

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The old playbook for a health system’s financial turnaround focused primarily on revenue cycle, supply chain, and labor efficiency and produced a “one-time” up-swing in operating margins.

The New Playbook for Health System Financial Turnaround produces year-over-year growth in operating margins.

David Capone, DCCS Founder and CEO
David Capone, DCCS CEO

"The new playbook goes beyond the old, to include analysis of service line and market demand, ambulatory network and facilities design, quality and efficiency of clinical operations, patient/staff/physician satisfaction with a focus to build tighter alignment between services and the healthcare needs of a community."

DCCS Health System Financial Turnaround Playbook includes:

• Service Line Operational Improvement

• Service Line Profitability Analysis

• Service Line Market Share Analysis

• Enterprise Market Share Analysis

• Enterprise Profitability Financial Analysis

• Ambulatory Network Analysis

• Ambulatory Network Design and Implementation

• Medical Facilities/ASU Analysis

• Medical Facilities Design and Implementation

• Clinical Operational Improvement

• Quality of Care Improvement

• Nursing and Staff Retention Strategies

• Physician Support Services & Joint Ventures

DCCS is uniquely qualified to support today’s financial turnaround.

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