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Sr Revenue Cycle Executive & Consultant Gregory M. Snow, MPM, Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare

Gregory M. Snow Revenue Cycle Management Healthcare

Revenue Cycle Management Healthcare

A dynamic healthcare financial executive with extensive experience in revenue cycle management, strategic planning, organizational design, cash acceleration, program/project management, continuous improvement, technology solutions, staff development, and stakeholder relations.

A proven track record of overseeing implementation initiatives. Excels at managing efforts to reduce costs, bolster revenue enhancement, and mitigate waste to achieve more prosperous operations.

Key Advantages

Enhance Patient Experience

  • Implemented a pre-service clearance program.

    • Program performed all administrative functions prior to patient arrival (including 42 different functions).

  • Developed/Implemented Patient Revenue Management Program to increase patient satisfaction.

  • Managed the patient economic continuum of care.

Increase Yield

  • Launched and implemented revenue enhancement programs, including elimination of revenue leakage.

  • Oversaw denial management reduction and corresponding process improvement programs.

  • Led detailed process review, including the entire continuum.

Cost Containment

  • Reduced comprehensive cost to collect.

  • Increased automation. Oversaw redeployment of associates into more value-added functions.

  • Facilitated selective outsourcing and offshoring.

  • Systems Planning, Overall Assessment and Implementation

  • Managed a comprehensive review of all revenue cycle operational aspects and results.

  • Guided implementation/system conversion on 16 different occasions. (i.e., including Epic)

  • Oversaw the creation of new programs, functional review, and the upgrade of programs.

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