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The Shifting Ambulatory Market

How will your ambulatory network strategy respond to major market shifts?

  • Venture-capital-funded medical groups

  • Orthopedic and cardiovascular site of service reimbursement

  • CON sunsets

  • Value-based care and population health strategies

  • Big-box market entrants (CVS, WalMart, etc.)

In partnership with Hammes Healthcare, DCCS works with health systems to develop sound, comprehensive ambulatory network strategies to position your organization for profitable growth in increasingly competitive markets.

Our Comprehensive Capabilities Include:

Business Planning

• Feasibility Analysis

• Business Plan Development

Service Line Strategy

• Market and Competitor Assessment

• Volume Projections

• Physician Alignment & Organizational Structure

Real Estate & Facility Planning

• Market Entry Feasibility Assessments

• Master Facility Planning & Programming

• Real Estate Optimization

• Renovate vs. Replace Analysis

• Financing/Ownership (Hammes Partners)

DCCS and Hammes have the collective expertise required to solve the most complex ambulatory network challenges. Contact Us to learn more.


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