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DCCS/Hammes –A Case Study in Master Facility Planning

The Hammes/DCCS team was engaged by a leading Midwest physician-led health system to identify a series of operational and facility priorities that would support their long-term physician clinic and hospital growth strategy. 

The system's goals in completing a master plan included:

Maximize space across its two largest campuses Improve physician recruitment efforts by adding additional physician clinic space Address aging infrastructure issues Evaluate opportunities to improve physician clinic operations and space utilization.

Our team began by understanding the health system’s long-term objectives to ensure the master facility plan was in alignment with its long-term market, financial and physician clinic strategies.

Through sophisticated analytic tools, the team targeted scheduling systems, space utilization metrics and other data to evaluate current and future physician clinics, ambulatory service and hospital space needs.

Evaluating multiple scenarios, the process concluded that the health system did not suffer from a lack of space, but rather from poor space utilization.

Final recommendations included an executable plan and a reduction in anticipated capital spend of more than $10 million.

For this physician-led health system engagement, the Hammes/DCCS partnership delivered an innovative master facility planning process focused on improved operations while creating flexibility to meet future growth targets.

To learn more about the DCCS / Hammes Partnership, contact us.


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