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Surgery Leadership in Transition?

Stabilize with DCCS Interim Leadership Perioperative Services

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group provides Perioperative Management Support via placement of an Interim Leader.

DCCS provides interim leadership for surgery programs.

An Interim DCCS Surgery Leader provides:

  • Expertise to immediately stabilize operations

  • Day-to-day management of clinical and business operations

  • Facilitation of communication among stakeholders

  • Coaching and mentoring of staff and management

  • Identification of significant issues and initiation of process improvement

  • Recruitment guidance for best-fit permanent leader

  • Onboarding and transition to incoming leadership

DCCS has Surgery Leaders with strong department management and demonstrated skills in clinical practice, finance, marketing and human resources that are ready to help your organization effectively manage leadership transition.

CLICK HERE To learn more about DCCS Interim Leaders of Perioperative Services.


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