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Surgery Staffing is in Distress | Surgery Management Improvement Group

The Reality of Current Surgery Staffing:

• Chronic staff vacancies

• RNs leaving profession

• Decrease in qualified applicants

• Harder to fill open positions

• High premium labor use

• Sign-on bonus arms race

DCCS SMI Group works with staff and leaders to:

• Balance staff need to work

• Develop strategies to attract and select candidates

• Align and inspire team members

• Engage and empower staff

• Promote staff-driven, engagement and collaboration

DCCS can also provide Interim Leadership resources.

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group has reduced agency and overtime expenses resulting in a client's annual savings of $2.2 million.

CONTACT DCCS If you are experiencing staffing challenges in your surgery program.


Whatever challenges your health system is facing:

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Together, we can fix it.


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