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Strengthen Your Hospitalist Service

Hospitalists manage the majority of inpatients and significantly impact:

  • Process and quality of care  

  • Case mix index    

  • HCAHP scores 

  • Average length of stay  

  • Value-Based Purchasing scores

At DCCS, we provide Comprehensive Hospitalist Program Assessments that enable our clients to optimize their Hospitalist service.

Our success lies in our approach. We focus on physician engagement, communication, workflow processes, and collaboration that improves patient flow, physician, and staff satisfaction.

As a result, our clients enjoy enhanced operating margins and improved patient experience.

Successful Hospitalist Programs have a Culture of Ownership

A Hospitalist Practice Thrives When:

  • Hospitalists and Administration work together to set goals.

  • Hospitalists effectively communicate with stakeholders (surgeons, PCPS, nursing, patients)

  • Hospitalists have the autonomy to make decisions that impact their practice.

  • Hospitalists compensation is aligned with performance. 

  • Hospitalists are active participants with the medical staff.

A successfully managed Hospitalist program is central to a Health System’s financial and operational success.  DCCS’ proven strategies deliver measurable improvements that have a positive impact on the hospitalist physicians, the Health System, and the patients they serve.


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