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Staffing Can Make or Break A Surgery Program

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group recently partnered with a busy South Florida Hospital with 16 high volume ORs and complex cases. 

The program was chronically short-staffed resulting in regular overtime, quality and safety issues, an inefficient OR, and dissatisfied surgeons.

Agency and overtime expenses were costing the hospital $2.2 million annually. 

DCCS Surgery Program Results 

DCCS worked with the hospital leadership to address the Surgical Program inefficiencies. During the engagement we:

  • Recruited 20 RNs, 10 surgical techs, and 8 support staff

  • Eliminated use of agency staffing

  • Reduced overtime

  • Improved case efficiency (First case on-time start improved to 82%, case turnover time reduced to avg. 36 minutes)

  • Stabilized staffing 

  • Surgeon satisfaction greatly improved

The client engaged DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group to continue ongoing improvement initiatives.  

Leadership that Drives Quality, Efficiency and Top-line Results

If you are experiencing high staff turnover or other inefficiencies in your surgery program contact DCCS.


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