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Shea Soll, MBA | Medical Imaging Executive, CEO

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

DCCS Transitional Leadership Executives

Proven ability to lead organizations through innovative approaches.

Exceptional skill in revenue generation, fiscal responsibility, physician relations, critical thinking, and complex transaction negotiation.

His management style is honest, forthright, and empowering. Mr. Soll has an extensive track record of repositioning organizations for long-term success.

Key Accomplishments

  • Co-found and led one of the gulf south’s most reputable medical imaging radiology companies.

    • As it’s CEO, achieved first-year revenues approaching $5M.

    • During a 14-year span, implemented new and innovative revenue growth strategies and cost reduction strategies to stabilize and grow its value in excess of $10M.

    • Successfully negotiated the sale of the company at an above-market price.

Spearheaded the development of a brain injury evaluation program, based on statistically valid scientific methods, to assist attorneys in legal cases and clinicians treating victims of debilitating head injury.

  • Spun off the program into its own company and expanded its growth into 3 markets in New Orleans, New York and Texas with additional markets in Florida and California scheduled to come on line in 2022.

Successfully negotiated the acquisition of a competitor hospital’s highly respected radiology group, resulting in two-year volume and revenue growth of 46,000 exams and $11M.

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