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Set Sail Towards Margin Improvements

Set sail towards margin improvement with DCCS Operational Engagement

DCCS Strengthens Margins by Optimizing Operations

Sample Margin Improvement Engagements

Client Required: Surgery Staffing Optimization

  • $2.2M reduction in agency and overtime expenses

Client Required: Patient Status Determination Support

  • $16M (5.9%) operating margin improvement

Client Required: Supply Chain Margin Improvement

  • $19M net revenue improvement

  • 21% supply, purchased services, and pharma expense reduction

Client Required: Laboratory Staffing Stabilization

  • Reduction of travelers and overtime

  • 17 positions filled, $2.5M annual savings

Whatever challenges your health system is facing:

Cardiovascular Program • Financial Advisory • Management Services • Clinical & Operational • Strategic Advisory & Governance • Emergency and Hospital Medicine

• Surgery Management • Nursing • Clinical Laboratory • Master Facility Planning • Human Resources • Interim Management • Permanent Search • Supply Chain •Other

Together, We Can Fix It.


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