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Reginald B. Allen, MBA, BSN, ACM | Case Management, Hospital Operations & Clinical Redesign

Armed with an understanding of the interdependencies of clinical, operational, and financial input, impacts, and outcomes, Reginald provides in-depth assessments and improvement activities aligned with corporate strategies and supported by quantifiable metrics.

Working in urban, rural, ambulatory, and acute care settings, his communication strengths in relating to all levels of administration and clinical leaders serve to create multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Implemented a system-wide Labor Management program that reduced labor expenses by $15M.

  • Through an active Case Management program reduced the Length of Stay (LOS) ratio by 5% - 7% annually over seven years and reduced case-mix adjusted length of stay by 7.9% for $1.5M-$2.0M annual savings

  • Working through a newly created case management and physician advisor infrastructure, executed a corporate-wide clinical documentation program that improved the accuracy of DRG coding. This increased annual net income by $13.5M and reduced medical necessity write-offs by $2.8 M (a 30% reduction).

  • Successfully re-designed a large facility’s Pre-Access department through Six Sigma and Lean principles, resulting in an estimated savings of $1.6M through process improvement and expense reductions.

  • Instituted a Clinical Appeals Unit that recovered $37M in two years and held gains through a clinical documentation improvement initiative.

  • Using Case Management to identify high-risk patients, led a system-wide harm reduction program to exceed established goals.

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