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Psychiatric Patient Co-morbidity: Is your staff ready to handle the rise in patient acuity?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Across the country, the acuity of psychiatric patients with medical co-morbidities has been increasing. Facilities and programs are confronted with how to best approach interdisciplinary care planning, education, and staffing to meet the new demands.

DCCS Behavioral Health Services Provides:

  • Assessment of interdisciplinary care planning processes & teamwork.

  • Design of educational programs that address both nursing & other therapeutic specialties.

  • Evaluation of interdisciplinary staffing plans compared to national trends.

  • Development and facilitation of implementation plans and support.

DCCS Behavioral Health Brings Expertise for all Levels of Care:

Acute Inpatient (freestanding, hospital/system-based) – Detox – Residential – Intensive Outpatient – Outpatient – Consultation -Telepsychiatry


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