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Advancing Past “Episodic Care” to “Care Management”

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Representation of DCCS Behavioral Health Telemedicine Services
DCCS Behavioral Health Management Services

The DCCS Telemedicine Network is transforming care delivery – proactively.  

"We are seeing the need for a “system of care” for behavioral health patients – enabling providers and patients to engage more readily with improved outcomes across the continuum of care."  

- Jim Angle, CEO

Telemedicine Behavioral Health "Care Management" Promotes: • Tele-behavioral consults and therapy appointments across the continuum of care • Teamwork among providers  • Engagement with patients more frequently leveraging the EMR  • Behavioral health assessment tools to measure progress and satisfaction • Stratification of patients based on risk and development of proactive interventions • Key indicators in a single dashboard to drive performance

Transform Your Behavioral Health Services with The DCCS Telemedicine Network.


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