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When surgeons can't schedule cases in your OR, the hospital has a big problem...

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group can assist overcoming challenges with OR Capacity by:

  • Providing analytics to assess performance and identify issues

  • Improving OR and Block Utilization

  • Align staffing to case volume by day and time

  • Identifying root causes of underutilization, delays, and room turnover

DCCS Engages champions who collaborate on foster sustainable solutions:

  • High volume surgeons and anesthesiologists, preferably led by a proactive Chief Medical Officer

  • Perioperative Leaders

  • Executive support (CEO, COO, CNO, CFO)

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group identifies the cause of the problems, provides solutions and assists ORs to function efficiently and accommodate the work safely. To learn more about our services, click here.

Surgery Management Improvement Group

Leadership that drives quality, efficiency, and top-line results


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