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Optimize Surgery Supply Chain

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

As the largest margin producing department,

it is critical to align the surgeons, staff, and supply chain.

Surgery Department Supply Chain Optimization Results:

  • Maximized Operating Margin

  • Cohesive Inter-Departmental Communication

  • A Resilient Supply Chain

  • Optimized Inventory & Space

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group delivers clinically focused, cost-effective processes through collaboration with key stakeholders.

Our trusted supply chain experts, DCCS RDA Supply Chain Solutions, provide expense reduction, process optimization, and innovative asset technologies.

Together, we work with your leadership to facilitate a successful alignment between clinicians and supply management.

Learn more about Advanced Supply Chain Solutions that Improve Profitability:

DCCS Surgery Supply Chain Optimization
Download P • 1.32MB

Whatever Challenges your health system is facing:

•Financial Advisory • Management Services • Clinical & Operational Advisory • Strategic Advisory & Governance • Hospital Physician Advisors • Surgery Management Improvement • Nursing Advisory Services • Telemedicine Physician Network • Master Facility Planning • Human Resources Advisory • Interim Management • Permanent Search Solutions • Supply Chain Solutions • Audit and Compliance Services • Other


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