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Operations Executive Shawn L. Roberts, MA, DHA (2024)

Adaptable, transformational leader with 10 years of senior-level operations experience in the healthcare support services industry.

Reduces costs, creates efficiencies, and builds team cultures of empowerment, learning, and growth.

Key Accomplishments

  • Cost Reduction: Scaled support services across 6 hospitals and achieved a $1M+ system-wide cost reduction.·

  • Negotiation: Acquired and negotiated the purchase of a tutoring franchise, increasing enrollment by 50%.·

  • Leadership Development: Created four internal positions and a training program for internal promotions, resulting in 10 promotions over three years and up to 7 additional promotions throughout the company.·

  • Growth Delivery: Rapidly built a $1M real estate portfolio from scratch to five rental homes and a minor subdivision within three years.

    • Expanded lab delivery services at downtown location, reducing monthly lab costs by 40% and boosting turnaround times by 25% for lab delivery.

    • Streamlined hospital’s transition to Epic’s system-wide electronic medical record platform that included a component for tracking and dispatching internal patient moves/room cleans.

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