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Byron Atkinson, CNO, VP Patient Care

DCCS Network of Healthcare Executives, Leaders, Interims, and Consultants

Meet Byron Atkinson, MHA, BSN, CSSGB, CCM, RN

Available for Assignment: CNO/Vice President Patient Care

Accomplished C-Suite Executive with demonstrated results in Acute Care Operations in for-profit and not-for-profit health systems. Providing Interim or consultative leadership roles supporting Inpatient Services operations, Nursing Quality and Practice, Transitional Care Modeling across the care continuum.

Key Accomplishments

  • Executive Experience in Nursing Leadership, Coaching, Clinical Operations, Turnaround Leadership, Workforce Redesign, and Cultural Transformation.

  • Reduced RN turnover through improved communication and implementation of shared governance and professional advancement models.

  • Implemented new clinical delivery strategies including E-ICU development and Care Transition model development across 18 hospitals.

  • Reorganized Acute Care/Critical Care and Emergency Services management structure, streamlining workflow, accountabilities, and sustainable outcomes.

  • Effectively reduced HARM events by 40% across Critical Care Division by Implemented Unit based interdisciplinary rounding, establishing user-friendly compliance monitoring of evidence-based strategies, and garnering staff and Intensivist buy-in.

  • Redesigned Care Delivery resulting in enhanced collaboration between physicians, Mid-level providers, and nursing, improved quality of care, and reduced costs by $8M in two quarters.

  • Reduced supply chain costs for med-surg/specialty supplies and equipment which resulted in 59% savings.

  • Coached leaders on budgeting, position control, and succession planning resulting in a 98% leader satisfaction rate.

  • Executed Case Management model by emphasizing access, care progression, and transition resulting in reduced LOS by 20% and improving cost per case by $1.5M

  • Effectively renegotiated Vendor contracts while decreasing overall cost and increasing vendor staff productivity by 20% leading to inpatient throughput by 30%

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