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Is ED Operations Driving Nursing Turnover?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Emergency Department RNs continue to have the highest rate of turnover exceeding 21% compared to the overall national average of 16.8%. 

Evidence-Based Strategies to Retain Nurses

Research identifies that a positive, supportive work environment is the number one reason ED nurses choose to stay. Successful strategies include:

  • Conducting an Assessment to identify root-causes of nursing turnover

  • Aligning provider and nurse staffing to achieve appropriate patient ratios

  • Establishing a culture of shared governance

  • Tailoring new workflows to move nursing resources to the bedside 

  • Restructuring the nurse and provider team to support teamwork

  • Redesigning work stations and environment to enhance communication

  • Building a culture that rewards teamwork and continuous improvement

DCCS Builds a Pathway to Success

A DCCS Assessment identifies opportunities and works with clients to create a positive work environment, greater staff satisfaction, and a reduction in nurse turnover.

When Nursing is at its Best, The Entire Health System Thrives


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