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Is Your OR Schedule Out of Balance?

Scheduling is the heart of the OR

The Operating Room is a large revenue source for the Healthcare System.

Optimizing OR use means maximizing revenue for the facility. The "optimal" design of an OR schedule is significantly different depending on whether you are a Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Operating Room Nurse or Administrator. It is easy for the schedule to become out of balance.

Symptoms of an "Out of Balance" Schedule
  • Prolonged OR Turnover

  • Chronically tardy surgeons

  • High rate of add-ons

  • Frequent case juggling

  • Gaps in the schedule

  • Extended Pre-Op length of stay

  • Decreased staff morale

  • Pressure for overtime

  • Extraordinary "first case" demands

  • Perceived need for more anesthesia coverage

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group: Schedule Optimization

Through synchronization of resources – both before and after surgery, DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group creates:

  • smooth patient-flow that optimizes scheduling

  • sustainable higher OR utilization

  • increased surgeon and staff satisfaction

  • positive impact on Health System finances

Contact our team of highly experienced Peri-operative consultants to balance your surgery program.


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