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Gregory Brickner, Rural Healthcare CFO, CEO

A dynamic executive, Gregory excels in P&L management, driving profit growth and enhancing cash flow. He fosters excellence within healthcare businesses by harnessing his unique problem-solving approach and technical skills. As a visionary leader, Gregory tackles complex challenges, champions free cash flow, and provides essential interim leadership during transformative periods.

Key Advantages

  • Passionate about rural healthcare and experienced with critical access hospitals

  • Achieved $25M Net Profit gain, ending a 6 year trend of losses

  • Increased Days Cash from 20 to 130 in 14 months while repaying Medicare Advance

  • Moved Likelihood to Recommend from 15th Percentile to 56th Percentile in 5 months

  • Turned a $15.6M run rate loss into a $3.6M net profit within 6 months

  • Turned a $4M EBITDA loss into a $1.5M EBITDA profit

  • Developed analytical data mining for labor performance management, and quality improvement

  • Engages medical staff to expand existing service lines and create new market offerings

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Debbie Linnes, Partner & COO


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