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DCCS Announces Partnership with Idaho Hospital Association

(IDAHO, September 2019) – Healthcare Business Ventures, Inc. (“VENTURES”), a subsidiary of the Idaho Hospital Association (IHA), and DCCS Management Services & Acquisitions, LLP have entered a preferred vendor relationship whereby DCCS will provide healthcare consulting and management services to IHA members.

DCCS will be the preferred vendor of consulting services to IHA members in the following services:

Strategic & Governance Advisement

Organizational Management (Management Services)

Financial Strategy & Advisement

Hospital Physician Advisement

Surgery Management Improvement Advisement

Nursing Advisement

Operational Advisement

Interim Management & Permanent Search

Case Management Advisement

Integrated Quality Advisement

“We are very pleased that our board has approved DCCS as a preferred vendor to assist our membership to drive excellence in strategy, operations, finance, and patient care.” says, Larry Tisdale, Executive Director, Healthcare Business Ventures

“We are excited to bring forward our 10 plus years of experience and best practices to the member leadership teams of IHA. Our depth of professional resources and capabilities to work on a national level shall present a great value-add to our Idaho health system colleagues” says, Jim Angle, CEO, DCCS Management Services.

DCCS will be offering a free 45-minute consulting session to all IHA member hospitals following the IHA Annual Convention on October 6th, 2019 through March 2020. Please stop by the DCCS table with your operational, financial or governance topic and sign-up!

About Idaho Hospital Association and Healthcare Business Ventures

The Idaho Hospital Association provides voice, value and visibility to its member hospitals, strengthening their viability and capacity to serve their communities. Healthcare Business Ventures, an IHA Idaho Hospital Association subsidiary company, was created to help find industry-leading solution providers for the challenges that are faced by IHA’s hospitals and the communities they serve.

About DCCS Consulting, Inc.

DCCS provides transformational advisory and consulting services that enable its healthcare clients to achieve sustainable peak performance in the areas of quality of care, business development, expense management, operational improvement, and leadership support. A full-service consulting company, DCCS is supported by a deep national network of senior-level consultants and strategic service partners that provide cost-effective, realistic solutions, with a focus on high margin returns.

For more information, visit

Any questions, please contact:

Jim Angle (856) 905-2122

Larry Tisdale (208) 489-1402

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