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Amblitel Partners with DCCS to form DCCS Ambulatory Surgery Services

WILMINGTON, DE – DCCS Consulting, LLC, A Leader in Healthcare Transformation announces a new partnership with Amblitel, LLC, a leading provider of Ambulatory Surgery Center strategic and operational advisory services.

David Capone, DCCS Founder, states, "Amblitel is an exciting expansion for DCCS. Amblitel provides world-class ASC formation, business planning, and activation services combined with ongoing operational support. Amblitel's ASC expertise together with DCCS hospital-based Surgery Management Improvement Group has created a full suite of surgical advisory services for our health system clients."

"We are excited to join DCCS as a strategic partner," said Paul Davis, Amblitel CEO. "Amblitel has a successful history of enabling ASCs to effectively manage their operations, differentiate themselves from their competition, and turn their outpatient surgery centers into a great business. Together, Amblitel and DCCS provide clients with a comprehensive range of surgery advisory services."

Learn more about DCCS Ambulatory Surgery Services:


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