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A Cloud-Based Solution to Bio-Medical Asset Management

Improve patient safety and clinical satisfaction with a cloud-based solution to track and monitor servicing of biomedical equipment.

RDA’s BioMedical Asset Management (BAM) Solution delivers:
  • 15-25% reduction in equipment purchases and total expenditures

  • 20% improvement in overall equipment availability

  • 15-25% reduction in service breakdowns

  • 10-20% improvement in technician resource utilization

Our team of subject matter experts assist clients in delivering mission-critical projects with proven outcomes. We build strong and sustainable supply chains that reduce costs, optimize operations, engage clinicians, and integrate across the enterprise.

Whatever Challenges your health system is facing: •Financial Advisory • Management Services • Clinical & Operational Advisory • Strategic Advisory & Governance • Hospital Physician Advisors • Surgery Management Improvement • Nursing Advisory Services • Telemedicine Physician Network • Master Facility Planning • Human Resources Advisory • Interim Management • Permanent Search Solutions • Supply Chain Solutions • Audit and Compliance Services • Other Together, we can fix it.

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