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Healtcare Athletic 
Facilities and Programs

DCCS Healthletic Partners specializes in the development and operation of health-and-athletic facilities in collaboration with hospitals.


We create comprehensive healthcare environments that offer medical services, fitness programs, rehabilitation services, wellness initiatives and recreational sports at one on-campus venue.

This integration promotes preventive care, enhances patient outcomes, generates revenue, and strengthens community engagement.

Capture the High Growth Sports Medicine Vertical

"Become the premier destination for Health, Wellness, and Orthopedic Services in your community."

Meeting Evolving Healthcare Needs:

Increased Volume and Downstream Revenue:

A Healthletic Partners facility offers a broader range of services, catering to the increasing demand for preventive care, rehabilitation, and wellness programs.  We conduct a thorough analysis of the youth and adult sports landscape and a cost-benefit analysis of every athletic component to determine the correct mix of programs, facility design and land use.

A Healthletic Partners facility generates a broader patient base, including individuals seeking preventive care, fitness enthusiasts, and those in need of rehabilitation services.  This increased volume of patients not only boosts a hospital's reputation but also generates downstream revenue through ancillary services, such as diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, and outpatient procedures. 

Enhanced Patient Pathway:

Integrating health and athletic facilities with a hospital creates a seamless patient pathway from diagnosis to recovery and beyond.  Patients transitioning from medical treatment to rehabilitation can benefit from continuity of care and a smoother recovery process, ultimately leading to better patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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For more information about our Healthcare Athletic Facilities and Programs 

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