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When Success is the Only Option!

DCCS Financial Healthcare Consulting
DCCS Provides a Holistic Approach to Financial Turnaround

The year 2019... For many health systems it will be a year of growth, for others, it will be a transitional year, and for some, it will be a year of reconciliation.

For a small group of health systems, 2019 will produce a dramatic reconciliation between the financial course that the health system has been on, with the course it should have been on.

There will also be the realization that financial advisors provided strategic direction that best matched their own experience and services, rather than the health system's needs.

DCCS Provides a Holistic Approach to Financial Turnaround

At DCCS, we have built a healthcare advisory company with extensive financial and operational resources. Today we are working both nationally and internationally providing financial, operational, business development, and strategic advisory services, supported by a deep national network of integrated senior-level healthcare advisors and co-service line partners.

In 2018, we formed DCCS Management Services & Acquisitions, in response to our clients requesting continued management support after consulting engagements.

DCCS MS&A has recently launched the DCCS Healthcare Network to primarily support the needs of rural and free-standing health systems with “best in class” consulting and telemedicine services.

DCCS has provided operational improvements and turnaround consulting to health systems for over 10-years with a track record of achieving our client's objectives 100% of the time.

DCCS when Success Is the Only Option!

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