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Virtual Advisory Support, It's Working

At DCCS, we have been working virtually with our clients for many years to save on travel costs, increase accessibility, and in 2020, for both our client's and consultants' safety.

David Capone, DCCS Consulting

DCCS Virtual Engagements are as successful as traditional on-site consulting with added benefits:

Significant Client Savings:

  • Decreased travel expenses

  • Limited quarantine delays

  • Shortened timelines for engagement deliverables

Notable Client Advantages:

  • Staff are coached to produce sustainable results

  • Staff have on-demand access to project leaders

  • Teams have more frequent and collaborative interactions

DCCS Virtual Advisory Experts are Ready to Assist. Contact us today.

  • Management Services, Virtual & On-site

  • Interim Management & Recruitment

  • Surgery Program Improvement & Leadership

  • Nurse Staffing, Recruitment & Retention

  • Patient Status Determination & Documentation

  • Emergency Room Performance Improvement

  • Financial Management

  • Telemedicine Systems

  • Audit & Compliance Resources

  • Real Estate & Market Strategy

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Facility Planning, Project Management & Development


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