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Strategic Plan Refresher

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Less Expensive – Rich Market Data Intelligence

DCCS Hospital Strategic Plan Refresher

Health Systems and Hospitals are continually seeking a balance between cost and quality, not only for patient care, but also for strategy and planning activities. One of the most economical solutions is the DCCS Strategic Plan Refresher.

DCCS Strategic Plan Refresher:

  • Assesses your current CHNA action plan linkage to your Strategic Plan

  • Assesses progress on your priority community health needs

  • Formulates an action plan to improve your linkage and/or improve your action plans

"A DCCS Strategic Plan Refresher will strengthen your strategic plan and save time and money by not repeating SWOT and situational analysis data collection."

Jim Angle, DCCS Partner

Strategic Plan Advisory Services


To find out more about DCCS Strategic Plan Refresher Contact DCCS.



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