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Sr. Physician Executive: Operations, Quality, Finance

Eugene Christian, M.D., CPE | Available for Assignment

Highly qualified executive improving healthcare quality, patient safety, cost-effectiveness, performance, medical staff affairs, clinical efficacy, and access through information technology and management systems—an experienced leader with strategic value-based vision, providing quality healthcare, population health management, change management, and physician recruitment.

Key Accomplishments:
  • 9 years of dedicated leadership/administrative work and over 20 years of direct clinical experience.

  • Started and grew a successful orthopedic surgery group practice while serving as medical staff president at numerous hospitals.

  • Experienced System Chief Medical Officer

    • Organized an informatics structure that successfully harmonized 2 different instances of Epic

    • Saved $9M on orthopedic joint implants

    • Grew GME programs from 41 to 43

    • Increased physician satisfaction by introducing an auto query system for providers that reduced response times from 3.3 to 1.3 days and captured $12M in additional revenue in less than a year.

    • Decreased CAUTI’s by 67% and decreased C. Diff infection rate by 75%.

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