Skilled Nursing Facilities "Internal Medicine": A Telehealth Solution

Updated: Mar 26

Kaiser Family Foundation reported that hospitalizations from SNF patients are avoidable by utilizing telehealth.

DCCS Telemedicine Physician Network meets the needs of SNF facilities by providing internal medicine physician coverage on-demand:
  • Respond to patients timely, on-site, and at the bedside

  • Improve patient outcomes

  • Improve patient and staff engagement

  • Lower re-admissions, hospitalization rates, and ED visits

  • Reduce costly, medically unnecessary hospital transports

  • Increase savings and decrease Medicare expenses

  • Sustain on-site care for higher-acuity patients

Dr. Amar Munsiff, Chief Medical Officer DCCS Telemedicine Physician Network

"CMS reported that about 45% of all hospital transfers from SNFs can be avoided through access to virtual care.

By adding the DCCS Telemedicine Physician Network Internal Medicine Specialists, many SNF's can drastically improve the quality of care and avoid costly penalties."