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Rethinking Nurse Retention

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Few hospitals have translated retention initiatives into a formal retention program.

Our proven strategies and tools create a positive work environment resulting in increased staff satisfaction and a reduced need for agency nurses.

DCCS Road-map to Nurse Retention

DCCS partners with your nursing leadership and HR team to formalize your retention strategy and transform the nurse workplace by:

  • Evaluating the root-cause of nurse turnover

  • Enhancing multi-generational teamwork and communication

  • Engaging front-line staff to implement improvements Achieving appropriate nurse-patient ratios

  • Strengthening the nurse/physician relationship

  • Building career tracts to promote professional development

A DCCS Nurse Retention Program creates stability in the hospital's largest labor force, a positive workplace environment, and produces a significant financial impact.

When Nursing is at its Best, The Entire Health System Thrives Click to learn more about DCCS Nursing Advisory Services:


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