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Rescue Operating Margins: DCCS Operational Engagements Drive Financial Results

DCCS leaders facilitate operational and financial strategies to stabilize operating margins, enhance a health system's quality of care, and position the organization for ongoing success.

DCCS Margin Improvement Results

Surgery Staffing Optimization:

  • $2.2M Reduction in agency and overtime expenses

Patient Status Determination Support:

  • $16M (5.9%) operating margin improvement

Supply Chain Margin Improvement:

  • $19M net revenue improvement

  • 21% supply, purchased services, and pharma expense reduction

Rural Hospital Financial Repositioning Support

  • $6M Enterprise Financial Performance Improvement

Multi-System Hospital Financial Repositioning Support

  • $32 M Enterprise Financial Performance Improvement

David Capone | DCCS President & Founder

Through a value-based approach, our team of physician, nursing, operational, and financial advisors work side-by-side with your leaders to inspire hospital staff and providers to engage in positive change.

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Whatever Challenges your health system is facing:

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Together, We Can Fix It.

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