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Rapid Access to Behavioral Health in the Emergency Department

Selecting Behavioral Health assistance in the ED
The DCCS Telemedicine Network expands access to behavioral health in the Emergency Department.

Approximately one in eight visits to emergency departments (EDs) in the United States involves mental or substance use disorders. While the U.S. is experiencing an acute shortage of qualified psychiatric providers, ED’s continue to see a sharp increase in behavioral health related visits.

Today, more than ever, emergency physicians are challenged to provide rapid treatment, stabilization, and disposition of the behavioral health patient.

DCCS Solutions

DCCS Emergency Telemedicine for Behavioral Health is changing the delivery model for emergency psychiatric care through access to on-demand psychiatric services 24/7/365.

We have a psychiatrist participate in the assessment of high-risk behavioral health patients experiencing aggression, harm to self or others and substance abuse issues.

We develop a timely plan of care in the ED to reduce length of stay, improve physician and nursing satisfaction, and impact the quality of care to the patient.

Our unique cost-effective solution enables health systems and organizations of all sizes to actively care for their behavioral health population. Click here to learn more.


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