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Optimize MRI Services

Reduce Risk. Improve Operational Efficiency of MRI Services.

DCCS Improves MRI Services

MRI exam volumes are projected to grow 18.3% by 2030. Are your MRI services prepared to respond to that growth?

DCCS provides MRI Imaging assessments focusing on optimizing workflow, increasing efficiency, improving appropriate utilization, reducing costs, and elevating care quality, safety, and satisfaction.

  • Assesses current workflow practices to identify inefficiencies, root causes, and potential risks.

  • Identifies opportunities in site of service utilization (ED, Inpatient, Outpatient) focusing on timely access to services, preauthorization and scheduling processes, and case management.

  • Ensures a well-defined and organized MRI safety management program to reduce safety risks and improve MRI efficiency.

  • Deploys strategies to increase staff, physician, and patient satisfaction.

Unparalleled Experience. Unbeatable Value. Unmatched Results.

Financial Advisory. Behavioral Health. Clinical & Operational Advisory. Strategic Advisory & Governance. Hospital Physician Advisors. Surgery Management Improvement. Nursing Advisory Services. Laboratory Advisory Services. Master Facility Planning. Human Resources Advisory. Interim Management & Permanent Search Solutions. Supply Chain Solutions. Audit and Compliance Services. Cardiovascular Advisory.

Partners in Your Success.


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