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New Nursing Model Of Care

Updated: May 22, 2018

DCCS Nursing Advisory Services
DCCS Nursing Advisory Services

When Nursing is at it's Best-

The Entire Health System Thrives

A Case Study | Metropolitan Catholic Hospital

The Situation

While Medical- Surgical nurses rushed to complete tasks, physicians and families complained that they “couldn't find their nurse.”

Registered Nurses and Nursing Assistants performed patient care activities in parallel rather than in synchronization, resulting in lack of communication and inefficient teamwork. Nurse morale was very low.

The Solution: #NewNursingModel of Care

A Patient and Family Centered Care approach was embraced by the Nursing team as their preferred future model of nursing care. Six elements were implemented simultaneously to improve staff efficiencies, engage patients, and increase staff satisfaction.

DCCS Consultant, Pat Sealing, facilitated the design and implementation of the new model of care.

Care Partners

At the core of the model is the “Care Partnership”.

Two RNs partner with a Nurse Assistant to provide care to 8-10 patients within a "neighborhood" of clustered rooms. The team is empowered to determine how to allocate workloads between care partners based upon patient acuity/intensity.

Most importantly, the partnership is designed to support the team’s interaction with patients, families, and physicians; thus, enhancing the patient's experience and quality of care, while simultaneously improving teamwork and job satisfaction.

The Results:

Significant Improvement in HCAHPS & Press Ganey Scores, Staff Satisfaction

  • HCAHPS scores statistically improved for nurse to patient communication and overall likelihood to recommend the hospital.

  • Press Ganey scores increased from the 58th to the 89th percentile for pain management.

  • Staff role satisfaction, staff engagement, and staff teamwork scores reached the highest rating of 4.88-5.00 compared with their peer group who rated at 3.34 - 4.62.

If you would like to know more how #DCCSconsulting can assist you on the journey to a new model of nursing care, contact Pat Sealing, DCCS VP Nursing Advisory Services.

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