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Josefer Montes, Ph.D., MBA Sr Marketing and Strategy Executive

DCCS Transitional Leadership Executives

Josefer Montes, Ph.D., Senior Marketing and Strategy Executive

A uniquely experienced and versatile senior executive-level leader with nearly 20 years of leadership experience including health care, higher education, and marketing management. He has differentiated himself by solving what Organizational Behavior Theory calls “Wicked Organizational Problems” – complex, unpredictable, ambiguous, with many actors, and requiring holistic strategies.

Key Advantages

  • Initiated a digital transformation for a 9-hospital system that moved online reputation score from near zero to an industry-leading score in less than 2 years.

  • Started and completed a rebranding project for that same hospital system.

  • Part of the team that improved patient's digital journey that grew market share, increased online scheduling 400%, and saved $1.25M.

  • Transformed smallest college in small market to largest with a 50% increase in enrollment and in another institution, grew school of business enrollment by 33%.

  • Created and implemented 36-month Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan for a 9-hospital system with strategies focused on increasing supplier diversity, introducing implicit bias training, creating diverse candidate pools, and growing employee resource groups (ERGs) and at a different institution increased the number of female tenure-track professors by 200%.

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