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Improve Operating Room Safety

DCCS SMIG helps to improve Operating Room Safety

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group (DCCS-SMIG) improve operating room safety through collaboration with perioperative leaders, surgeons, anesthesia providers, and staff to increase teamwork and communication while standardizing adherence to policies.

DCCS Operating Room Safety Engagements:

  • Review clinical practice and patient throughput to identify weaknesses that will lead to system failure

  • Provide recommendations for improved teamwork to avoid unintended retention of foreign bodies, incorrect surgery patient/site/procedure/ implant, fire, & fall risks

  • Support cost-effective deployment of appropriately trained & competent staff

  • Optimize patient flow from prescreening to discharge

  • Ensure availability of instruments, supplies, and management of equipment & technology

Operating Room Safety Engagement Results

"The DCCS-SMIG assessment accurately identified inefficiencies and provided realistic recommendations and facilitated improvements helping us be more efficient and eliminate safety concerns."

Director of Surgical Services, Mid-West Medical Center


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