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Improve Operating Room Efficiency

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Surgery Management Improvement Group Facilitates Operating Room Efficiency.

DCCS Surgery Management Improvement Group (SMIG) collaborates with perioperative leaders, surgeons, anesthesia providers, and staff to optimize operational efficiency while delivering excellence and safe patient care.

DCCS Operating Room Efficiency Engagements:

  • Improve surgeon access to the OR schedule

  • Optimize room and surgeon block utilization

  • Increase patient flow from prescreening to discharge

  • Enhance productivity of anesthesia providers

  • Support cost-effective deployment of staff

  • Ensure availability of instruments and supplies

  • Strengthen equipment and technology management

"DCCS SMIG recently improved timeliness of case starts to 95% and reduced average surgery case time by 20 minutes per case in a mid-size east coast community hospital."

Sue Smith | DCCS Partner, SMIG

Whatever Challenges your health system is facing:

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Together, We Can Fix it

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